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Home trip: NUIST delegation visited the World Meteorological Organization

2018/7/2      view:


On June 1st, President Li Beiqun led a team to visit the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland. WMO secretary-general Tares, Deputy Secretary-general Elena, Assistant secretary-general Zhang Wenjian, WMO Education Training Division, Department of Weather and Disaster Reduction, Department of observation and information systems and the main person in charge of relevant center attended. Leaders of the office of the President of the Party CommitteeInternational Education College, School of Applied Meteorology, School of Marine Science, and Reading College accompanied on the visit.

President Li Beiqun delivered a keynote speech on “Inheritance, responsibility and expectation". He introduced the history and development of our school. He said, our school born due to the national strategic needs. Under the guidance of a batch of famous teachers, draw lessons from the advanced world at the beginning of the foundation education pattern, and established the internationalization of education view. It has trained nearly 3,500 scholars and officials for 156 member states of the world meteorological organization, which was praised by successive Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization. He also proposed specific expectations promoting the school's discipline construction, sending teachers and students to work for the WMO, establishing the World Meteorological Education alliance, and holding the world meteorological education conference.

WMO assistant secretary-general Zhang Wenjian, Director of Education Training Division Yingka and Director of relevant research center had in-depth discussion with the delegation of our school. During the symposium, Assistant Secretary-General Zhang Wenjian, on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization, welcomed the delegation of our school. He noted that WMO has always cherished its cooperation with NUIST, which is an important part of WMO, especially the world meteorological education. During the exchange, the director-general thanked NUIST for its contributions to the World Meteorological Organization's education training over the years. He pointed out that WMO RTC Nanjing is the most active center in the world. He also highly appreciate our support and commitment to the WMO Global Campus program and promised to form the meeting minutes and implement the consensus reached by both sides at the symposium as soon as possible. At the symposium, the leaders of WMO information systems division, disaster mitigation services division, Marine meteorology and services research division and other related division introduced the related work respectively, and held a heated discussion on the further cooperation with our school.

The Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Talas, greeted the delegation of our school and entertained all of our school delegations at the World Meteorological Organization VIP dining room. During the meeting, Secretary-General Talas reviewed his first visit to school in 2015, expressing his heartfelt admiration and congratulations on the rapid development and continuous breakthroughs in recent years, and highly affirmed our outstanding contribution to the World meteorological education. He pointed out that the NUIST has been one of the World Meteorological Organization's most important partners and the NUIST Regional Training Center is the most active in the world. To support the development of the NUIST is to support the World Meteorological Organization itself. He looked forward to the relevant departments of both sides as soon as possible and the cooperation will be implemented.

Our delegation's visit to the World Meteorological Organization is not only highly courteous, but also with the World Meteorological Organization on further strengthening cooperation reached a number of consensus. Secretary-General Talas agreed to attend the 60 anniversary of our school in 2020. The World Meteorological Organization will actively help and promote the professional certification of our school and other related work; each year, teachers and students of our school are given the opportunity to work and study in WMO, and provided with relevant facilities; support the establishment of the World Meteorological Organization education and training Outstanding Contribution Award; agreed to establish the World Meteorological Organization Network College in NUIST; Support our school more experts and scholars to join the relevant committee of the World Meteorological Organization; support our school in leading the establishment of the world meteorological education alliance. In the future, especially in 2020, the 60 anniversary of our school, the World Meteorological Organization more high-end international academic conferences, many country missions, the World Meteorological Education Conference will be held in NUIST.

In Geneva, Switzerland, The delegation also visited the University of Geneva, the United Nations Centre for Europe and other departments and agencies.