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President Li Beiqun attended the thirteenth World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Symposium on Education and Training and Delievered the Speech

2017/12/8      view:

     On October 31st, the thirteenth World Meteorological Organization (WMO) Symposium on Education and Training held in Bridgetown, the capital of Barbados. More than 100 people, such as the director of the meteorological and hydrological, the directors of the research institute, the experts, the directors of the WMO Regional Training Centre, and the directors of the National Meteorological service training centre, who come from more than 70 countries and regions, have gathered in Bridgetown. The discussion focused on such topic as "How to promote and strengthen the world meteorological and hydrology education training capacity ", "How to meet world meteorological and hydrologic education training multivariate needs" and "How to promote global education training cooperation and resource sharing". NUIST President Li Beiqun was invited and gave a keynote speech entitled "NUIST: building a world-class meteorological discipline and contributing to the global meteorological hydrology education training capacity ".

  The chairman of WMO David Grimes, WMO assistant secretary-general Zhang Wenjian and the director of training department of WMO Inca Rotimi Adebayor delivered speeches at the opening ceremony. Chairman David Grimes, points out in the speech, the world still face extreme climate events, especially increasing pressure on human life brought by the environmental and food safety issues, so the world have more meteorological and hydrological education training needs. David Grimes hopes global meteorological and hydrological benefits physically combined together, work together to better cope with extreme weather events, decrease the loss of meteorological disasters, and improve the social public strain capacity.

President Li Beiqun said in a keynote speech, as the World Meteorological Organization chairman David Grimes said the world is facing challenges of climate change, NUIST as a key university emerged as meteorological undertakings, requires  with the first-class meteorological discipline in China, is supposed to make due contributions to China and the world meteorological cause and shoulder the international responsibility to promote the development of meteorological and hydrological education training. Looking into the future and to build the foundation for the development of the meteorological and hydrological education training, president Li put forward three initiatives. First, we should form a global meteorological education alliance, conduct in-depth cooperation and exchanges, and to build the education collaborative development community of meteorological international. Second, we should establish the international standard for the evaluation of meteorological disciplines and lead the global ranking of the meteorological disciplines. Third, we should carry out the global meteorological professional certification and improve the quality of education training. President Li's vision and initiatives for the education training for meteorological and hydrology international have aroused a heated discussion among the participants. Anna Timorova, the director of the Meteorological Regional Training Centre for Russia, Deptin Aneko, the director of the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology in Ukraine, Jeff Wilson, Australian weather service consultant and other departments responsible and experts have expressed strong interest and willingness to cooperate on the global meteorological education league. President Li said that the world meteorological and hydrological field depth related parties should constantly strengthen exchanges and cooperation, implementation in the field of international education and training institutions and personnel between each other, mutual trust, mutual help, mutual learning, build the global alliance for meteorological education at an early date.

     During the conference, president Li successively had discussed with the world meteorological organization education the training department director Inca Rotimi Adebayor, Assistant secretary-general of the World Meteorological Organization Zhang Wenjian, the World Meteorological Organization Education Training Director Paris friendly and chronologically, which promote the in-depth cooperation between the world meteorological organization and NUIST.

      It is reported that World Meteorological Organization Symposium on Education and Training is the most important global meeting of WMO. It is a great event of the world meteorological circle and is held every four years. NUIST have held the 10th World Meteorological Organization Symposium on Education and Training in 2006.