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Seminar on Meteorological Disaster Mitigation and Rescue for Developing Countries was Held in NUIST

2016/8/29      view:
    In the morning of June 17th, the opening ceremony of Seminar on Meteorological Disaster Mitigation and Rescue for Developing Countries was held in NUIST, the seminar was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and held by WMO RTC Nanjing. Professor Min Jinzhong, Vice president of NUIST, and Zhao Yuhong, deputy director of Foreign Economic and Business Section, Department of Commerce Jiangsu Province attended and addressed, 42 participants from 13 countries participated in the seminar. The opening ceremony was presided over by Professor Wang Suchun, Executive Deputy Director of WMO RTC.
    During his speech, Vice president Min Jinzhong pointed out that natural disasters have an increasing impact on people’s lives and businesses of the affected areas. To explore efficient and effective options to provide early warning on meteorological disasters to mitigate their impacts, and to activate subsequent professional and effective rescue and relief efforts are crucial for land development, meteorological service, emergency response and other related authorities in each country. That’s the reason why we are here to exchange and advance our expertise and experience in fighting natural disasters. We hope the upcoming seminar will become a think-tank to better solutions to the challenges in front of us.
    On behalf of the Department of Commerce Jiangsu Province, Zhao Yuhong welcome participants warmly, and expresses gratitude for the work of WMO RTC staffs. She said that foreign aid training is one of the Chinese government’s assistance provided for other developing countries. WMO RTC Nanjing, as China's foreign aid training organization, contributes to Meteorological training works in developing countries such as Asia and Africa, by improving employees’ capacity, learning ability of new knowledge and technology. WMO RTC Nanjing was established in 1993. Since then, the Centre has trained more than 2900 participants. Chinese government hopes to strengthen the cooperation of two sides, and devote to disaster prevention and mitigation through training.

    On behalf of participants, Ms. OLIVE CHISOLA from Zambia, express appreciation to Ministry of Commerce, NUIST AND WMO RTC Nanjing. She also expressed gratitude for the work of WMO RTC staffs. She said that meteorological disasters caused great loss and disaster to people's lives and property. Through this training, They hope to learn Chinese experience and strive to solve problems of their own countries.