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Seminar on Earthquake and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation for Armenia successfully Completed

2016/8/29      view:
     On the afternoon of 14th, June, the Seminar on Earthquake and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation for Armenia was held at the University. Professor Wang Suchun, executive deputy director of the WMO RTC Nanjing, presided over the ceremony. Professor Min Jinzhong, vice president of NUIST; participants representative of the seminar, Mr. Arman who is Deputy Director of Armenia Emergency Relief Services Division addressed on the ceremony.
Professor Min Jinzhong expressed gratitude to all the teachers and staffs in WMO RTC Nanjing for their contributions. He said, natural disasters have an increasing impact on people’s lives and businesses of the affected areas. To explore efficient and effective options to provide early warning on meteorological disasters and mitigate their impacts, and to activate subsequent professional and effective rescue and relief efforts are crucial for land development, meteorological service, emergency response and other related authorities in each country. That’s the reason why we are here to exchange and advance our expertise and experience in fighting natural disasters. We hope the upcoming seminar will become a think-tank to better solutions to the challenges in front of us.
    Mr. Arman , on behalf of the delegation of the Republic of Armenia to thank the Chinese government, NUIST, and WMO RTC Nanjing. He said, staffs of WMO RTC Nanjing are hard-working, efficient and considerate which promotes the success of this seminar. During 20 days of teaching, they felt honor to attend the lectures with renowned Chinese earthquake experts, and discussed with them about a number of professional issues. The seminar is quite fruitful. Then, they visited the Seismological Bureau of Sichuan Province, Wenchuan earthquake site and Museum to know China's earthquake reconstruction work. He sincerely hopes that China and Armenia continue to develop bilateral friendly relations.
    Professor Wang Suchun hopes that cultural exchanges and friendship in Central Asia would continue, the participants could take the responsibility of becoming the witness of good relationships between two governments and people, and they could take responsibility of acting as the bridge of Chinese cooperation and exchange with countries included in the “Belt and Road” plans. Seminar on Earthquake and Disaster Prevention and Mitigation for Armenia comes to the end along with the participants’ celebration.
Vice president Min Jinzhong, Executive deputy director of  WMO RTC Nanjing Wang Suchun and deputy director of  WMO RTC Nanjing Lei Zhaochong issued the certificates.