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Enrollment Information on International Training Course on Tropical Cyclone

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International Training Course on Tropical Cyclone

21 November-2 December 2016, Nanjing,China


The International Training Course on Tropical Cyclone is organized by the WMO Regional Training Centre (RTC)Nanjing, sponsored by China Meteorological Administration (CMA).

Course Description

This course is designed to help participants, through theoretical study and practice, to master the basic theory and principles of tropical cyclone. This will be helpful to improve participants' ability in carrying out the operation of forecasting high-impact weather-associated tropical cyclones, and related scientific researches as well as management.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this training course, participants are expected to acquire theoretical and practical knowledge of tropical cyclone, and an enhanced performance in forecasting it, processing and using related data in meteorological operation, research end studies.

Target Audience

Meteorologists engaged in operational work or research relevant to tropical cyclone forecast and study from developing countries.

Course Content

The training course will mainly cover lectures on tropical cyclone (TC) structure,  genesis, intensity change, motion, climate change and TC activities, track and structure forecasts of TC, seasonal forecasts of TC activity, application of satellite data and radar data in early warning of TC, societal and economic impacts of TC and disaster mitigation, and so on.

Course Format

Lectures, practical sessions, seminar on special topics, study tour, discussion, and participant presentation, etc.


Professors in the field from Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST) and senior experts from CMA.

Language Used

The course will be conducted in English.

Participant Qualifications for Admission

Participants are required:

1) To be specialized in tropical cyclone meteorology with a minimum of one years' professional experience;

2) To be in good physical health with no infectious diseases. Physically fit to fulfill all course activities; candidates with limited physical mobility will not be accepted;

3) To be proficient in English;

4) To prepare a report on tropical cyclone meteorology of the participants' service and a brief introduction of the participant's professional experiences for the purpose of exchanges;

5) Not to bring family members to the training course in principle; if bringing a family member, the participant has to pay extra expenses;

6) To observe all the laws, rules and regulations in China and respect the Chinese customs during the training period.

Application and Selection Process

1) The applicants must be meteorologists who are working in the field of tropical cyclone meteorology from Meteorological and Hydrological Services of developing countries. The nominated candidates are requested to submit the Application Forms and Passport Copy (necessary) together with evidence of English proficiency (if there is) to the WMO RTC Nanjing China for examination and endorsement;

2) Admission Notices will be issued to the accepted participants by e-mail by the RTC Nanjing. With the Admission Notices, the participants are requested to go through all the necessary formalities for enteringChinaand register at the RTC Nanjing before the course begins.

Only accepted applicants that receive the Admission Notices endorsed by the WMO RTC NanjingChinacan participate in the training course.


1) Tuition fee is free for all the accepted participants that receive the endorsed Admission Notices by the WMO RTC Nanjing China;

2) Due to limited funds, the WMO RTC NanjingChinacan provide local support such as accommodation, meals, and pocket money (50 Yuan RMB per day) etc. for 30 participants only. Normally one applicant from each developing country or two applicants from each Least Developed Country are endorsed by the WMO RTC NanjingChinafor the local support;

3) Other accepted applicants or their respective governments need cover their accommodation (50 USD per day per person) and meals (20 USD per day per person) during the training period;

4) The international travel costs including round trip tickets, transit fares and subsistence allowance during the travel are to be covered by the participants or their employers;

5) The expenses of visa, medical care, insurances and domestic salaries for the participants should be borne by the participants' employers;

6) The organizer of the International Training Course on Tropical Cyclone does not hold any responsibility for such risks as loss of life, accidents, illness, and loss of property incurred during the whole period of participation in the training course.

Deadline for Application

The application should be sent to WMO RTC Nanjing before 30 September 2016.

Attn: Prof. WANG Suchun, Executive Deputy Director

WMO Regional Training Centre Nanjing

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology

Nanjing,JiangsuProvince, 210044,China

Tel: +86 25 58731404

Fax: +86 25 57010085