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The Introduction to WMO RTC Nanjing

 World Meteorological Organization(WMO)Regional Training Centre (RTC) Nanjing was located at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (former Nanjing Institute of Meteorology). The Centre has held 118 international training courses and 35 bilateral training courses by October 2017. Almost 3400 meteorologists and hydrologists from 155 countries and regions have been trained and become key figures in their respective National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs), including a number of leaders of the NMHSs. 
WMO issued a special certificate of achievement in 2010, for the 20th anniversary of international training for WMO RTC Nanjing , indicating that “The centre made an important contribution of the People’s Republic of China to sustainable development and the achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals .”
In February 2012, UNESCAP/WMO Typhoon Committee appointed the RTC to serve also as a training centre of the Typhoon Committee.

The major courses offered at the Centre follow the demand of developing countries for providing timely accuracy forecast and early warning of weather , climate and water-related hazards for sustainable development . The Centre pays close attention to teaching quality, focus on severe weather and climate monitoring and warning, natural disaster risk reduction, radar meteorology, satellite meteorology, agro-meteorology, climate change and climate information services as well as High-Tech application meteorology.     Lecturers of the Centre are experienced professors and experts from both home and abroad. In order to combine theory with practice, the Centre established several practice bases for weather forecasting, atmospheric sounding and agro-meteorology. Moreover, the three-star hotel well-equipped stadium and other entertainment facilities create a good environment for trainee’s leisure time and relaxation.